Coronium GS Panel

If you’re running the Coronium Game Server version 1.92 or above, you can install a front-end interface to it for monitoring GS connections, etc.

Before starting, be sure to download the latest Coronium GS Bundle for access to device statistics.

To install the panel, log into your Coronium GS instance via SSH, then copy and paste the following into the terminal, and press [Enter].

sudo wget; sudo chmod +x; sudo ./

Wait for the installer to finish, then open the GS panel at http://your.coronium-gs.ip:8173

The GS panel default login is admin and coroniumgs

Amazon EC2 users need to add TCP port 8173 to the security profile to access the GS panel.

Mastering Coronium GS


Enjoy over 2 1/2 hours of HD video training, and prepare to create your first multiplayer game using the free Coronium Game Server for use with Corona SDK application and game development.

You can watch the whole playlist on YouTube.

Be sure to turn the quality up to 720p (HD) for the clearest picture.


  1. Installing
  2. Server Overview
  3. Client Overview
  4. Server Control
  5. Client Events
  6. Game Events
  7. Game Object
  8. Running Games
  9. Auto-Negotiation
  10. Ending Games
  11. Lobby Chat
  12. Server Classes
  13. Client Classes
  14. Timers
  15. The Prototype

Let’s Create a Corona SDK Soundtrack Module Part 1

Corona Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Creating a Soundtrack

A soundtrack should be considered a major component of your game. It provides the mood and can accentuate certain areas of gameplay, enhancing the overall experience for the player. While some games benefit from loops and simple repeating musical phrases, more atmospheric games might find a better fit with an overall soundtrack that runs independent of where you are in your application.

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A simple Storyboard framework for Corona SDK Part 1

Corona Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Meet Storyboard

If you’re looking to add a layer of organization to your Corona SDK project, you owe it to yourself to embrace the Storyboard module that is available in Corona SDK. While at first the Storyboard module may seem a bit like voodoo, once we take a look behind the curtain, you’ll see that Storyboard is one of your best friends. The key to Storyboard is knowing what part of it you need to use, how to use it, and how to handle a few “gotchas” that you will probably need to deal with at some point.

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